This is the first time I’ve done my own nails in about 4 months. With what’s been going on in my life, I just haven’t had the energy or strength to even look at my nail brush for myself.

But yesterday, I really wanted to do it, so I did.

From beginning to end, a glitter gradient to natural tips. My acrylics.

They look damn good.

List of Photos:

  1. filed, prepped, and primed
  2. finished overlay 1
  3. finished overlay 2
  4. shaped, filed, and buffed
  5. moisturized, cleaned, and finished
  6. matte finish

The evolution of a backfill at Big City Beauty.


Check out our Indiegogo Inspired French Manicure, on Lady L

got  really lucky at Sally Beauty yesterday! Some really great clearance polishes for. 99¢ and a few new ones! If you’re licensed and have a ProCard, the entire stock of China Glaze is $1 off (meaning you’ll pay $2.75 for even the newest colors)!

Queen L gets a press technique using glitter and Gelish Hot Rod Red! Pix to follow!

M tries something new! Happy Valentine’s, Valentine! Pix to follow!

Raye tries stilettos! Don’t poke your eye out! Pix to follow!

Queen L gets her nails did! Photos to follow!

happy  valentine’s day!

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